The people behind Coin have a passion for building products that simplify, improve and fit seamlessly into your life. Coin is a substantial improvement on how you interact with, and use, your secure financial cards.


Submit card designs to work with the supplied electrical schematic. Integration of the design with the card interface was the driving force behind this design concept. After selection by client, A2A produced full prototypes for the sales video, using the screen as a placeholder for After Effects post-editing and helped establish the relationships between Coin and its manufacturers.

  • Digital screen
  • Touch button for card selection
  • Hidden magnetic stripe
  • Prototyping

Coin drew considerable attention from the media and public with its YouTube video gaining over 5.5 million views.

Coin had been mentioned 410,000 times on Facebook since the launch and on Twitter, people were tweeting about Coin five times a second,” according to Coin founder, Kanishk Parashar.

A2A designed the card art, produced the prototype for the initial video, and helped establish the supply chain between Coin and its manufacturers, ultimately helping the card come to market.